Apply For Visa Quickly To Experience The Beautiful Country Portugal

Planning of a trip to international countries every visitor requires a Visa to enter into the country. To travel the European country Portugal, one needs to Get Portugal Tourist Visa. Citizens of other nations visit Portugal for several purposes like business, work, sports, education and tourism. UK Citizens do not require a tourist or business visa to visit Portugal. A Portugal Schengen Visa allows you to travel between one or two other Schengen countries for up to 90 days for business or tourism purpose. A Portugal Tourist Visa is valid for 90 days to stay in the country.

Documents Required To Apply For Portugal Visa

Depending on the nationality and length of stay you require documents. You can Download Portugal Visa Application Form Online. The application form should be filled correctly and signed by the applicant. You need to provide a recent passport size photo with white background. Make sure you have a valid passport and your passport contains few blank pages to affix the visa. Copy of your tour itinerary with confirmed hotel reservation. Proof of sufficient funds for the length of stay in the country such a bank statement or copy of pay slips and Proof of confirmed onward ticket are needed. Some embassy may ask for other documents such as copies of medical insurance policies. It depends on the type of embassy you choose to submit your documents. Appear personally at the time of your appointment with all necessary documents. Check the Portugal Visa Processing and Portugal Visit Visa Fees details online. Visa fee may vary depending on the duration of stay. If you desire to stay for longer period then you can extend the visa. Contact the nearest visa embassy for details on an extension. It is advisable to apply in advance for Portugal Visa because Portugal Visa Processing can take few weeks.