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Privacy policy

1. Discretion and use of personal data from accounts
All users who are registering on this site have the individual responsibility for keeping their passwords secret.
1. Users are agreed for personal use of their accounts by themselves.
2. Using our site means you agree to all the terms & conditions and privacy statement.
3. We hold the complete right to revise or remove any privacy policy anytime without any prior notice.
2. Secrecy of data
2.1 Any information obtained electronically by  while applying online at our website shall be removed once the visa is granted.
2.2 Applicants information which is registered on the site shall be completely removed on call or email request by the registered user.
2.3 Any information provided by the customers is liable to our utilization to provide enhanced services, making new accounts, identifying the user, making payments and troubleshooting.
2.4 Any information you share on our website will remain secure and will never be shared with any third parties without the permission of the information provider.
3. Cookies:
We may apply cookies, clear gifs, and comparable innovations to see how customers get to and utilize our Site, for example, page requests, operating system, browser, and normal time spent on our Site. This gathered data helps us to comprehend the enhancements our site needs.
4. Notice
4.1  holds no personal information (electronically) pertaining to applicants.
4.2  does not sell, market or transfer applicant’s information to any marketing companies.
4.3  has right to make any modifications to these “Terms of Service” at any time when required.
4.4  ensures that all the details that have been submitted to our online form for appointment booking service is fully secure and safely protected with the help of our in-house IT team. Applicant’s personal information is collected in an online form for appointment booking purpose only.
5. Information to customers:
Applicants are clearly informed about our privacy policy at the time of paying appointment charges that their personal data is being collected online for booking an appointment purpose only.
6. Choice: Applicants may terminate their visa application appointment request with us via phone call or email. There is no completion of giving us a specific reason for that our team removes all the personal details from our database.
7. Security: To avoid any loss of collected information online from applicants we have made backup arrangements that secure this data in different servers the situation of unforeseeable disasters on a daily basis.
8. Data integrity: We strongly protect all the details of applicants under our integrity policy and we do not ask for needless data through an online form.
9. Access: Registered applicant can access their data at any time via the online system of an embassy. We provide all the details like login details and passwords after booking appointment online web interface on the internet. If an applicant wants to make changes for any reason then they need to contact our office numbers or they can make the request in the email.
10. Online payment: Applicant’s detail for payment transaction is fully protected online. All financial transactions such as credit card, debit card, transactions are processed through third party payment gateway company Paypal. After making fee payment applicants get an online receipt through Paypal in their emails as proof of payment with transaction ID.  We do not take payment on the phone under our secure payment policy.
11. Implementation:  is committed to providing hassle free service online to all users who wants to get an appointment through our services we have strict rules in order to implement our privacy policy if we found anybody from our team involve in a misuse of our data then we terminate the person immediately.
Summary: Using our website, regardless of the purpose you conditionally or unconditionally are agreed with the mentioned terms & conditions and privacy statement. If you don’t agree with the terms & conditions and privacy statement, then you are suggested to not to use our website.
Disclaimer: Using internet technology in any manner for providing services and information is a subject to some IT security risks. Though we ensure users with security measures, still  will not be responsible for any miss happening that includes, unauthorized or misuse, deletion of any information, changes, security breach, viruses, hacker attacks or system failure, etc.
For further information on these “Terms of Service”, please contact  by telephone on (+44) 02084323472