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Visa Requirements

Visa Documentation should not be just adequate, it should be correct too. Correct and adequate documentation are the pre-requisites of the Visa process and are important to avoid any potential delays or rejection in the approval of Visa for any country. While filling the Schengen Visa Application for Portugal, it becomes important for an applicant to fill the same with due care and consideration, for any errors may cause the application to be rendered invalid by the Embassy/Consulate. Portugal Schengen Visa helps the applicants of Portugal Visa to fulfill all the necessary requirements and provides them up-to-date information regarding the Visa Documentation as specified by the Embassy. Whether you are residing in UK as a student or for your work or even as the spouse of the UK National, our team at Portugal Schengen Visa will provide you consistent guidance to fulfill Portuguese Embassy Visa Requirements regarding the particular category for a Tourist Visa. With us, you are assured to receive expert guidance regarding Portugal Schengen Visa Requirements in a time-bound manner without any hassle or delays.
Below are listed, the general documents which are required for obtaining a Schengen Visa apart from the category-specific documents:

    • Hotel Accommodation- Proofs of accommodation booking (hotel etc.) are required to provide to the Embassy that the applicant has booked the accommodation for the duration of stay in Portugal.


    • Proof of Transportation- The Portugal Visa applicant is also required to provide the proof of transportation in the form of travel bookings like flight/train/ferry/bus or other specific documents as required by the Embassy or Consulate if the travel is undertaken by the car.


    • Proof of Income- Proof of Sufficient Personal means of Subsistence is required to be submitted so that it is ensured that you can sustain your stay in the Schengen countries for the entire period of travel there.


    • Marriage Certificate- If the applicant is sponsored by his/her spouse, then a Marriage Certificate (Original as well as Copy) is required to be provided as a proof (If issued originally outside EU, then should be translated in English or Portuguese by an official translator).


    • Insurance Requirements – Medical and Travel insurance are required to pay for the emergency medical and repatriation expenses of the applicant during the stay in the Schengen country.


Still have any questions regarding the documents required for Portugal Schengen Visa or want to book an appointment? Simply give us a call or make a call back request from our website. We will be glad to assist you!