The Top 3 Best Restaurants In Portugal With The Enchanting Dining Experience

Portugal has the fantastic Tourist Attractions which is located in the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the Europe’s most visited countries. Even the cuisine of Portugal is popular and influences with a lot of hearty portions of meat and sea food. The gastronomy of Portugal is delicious and you’ll find it in many restaurants. There are many famous Restaurants In Portugal which will take your breath away. Few best restaurants are as follows:

  • The Malagueta Afrodisiaca
  • A Tasquinha
  • A Taberna

Best Restaurants In Portugal


The malagueta afrodisiaca is the non- traditional’ contemporary and quaint restaurant in leiria. It has earned a place in michelis guide of Portugal and also won the 2010 gold award in the contest of confraria pinhal do rei. The menu of this restaurant offers a fusion of Asian, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, American and Latin cuisines. It is famous for its enchanted experience of dining in the outdoor terrace and can have the beautiful view of castle.


A Tasquinha restaurant of nazare is famous for its fantastic sea food. It is located centrally in the city centre. You can find this restaurant by going a short walk from the beach. You’ll always find something new like the fisherman’s tavern, the nautical knickknacks to cover the walls and eliminating the risk of boredom.


A Taberna restaurant of Coimbra serves the home-style cuisine of Portugal with the fresh-daily ingredients in a friendly atmosphere. The vegetables, fish and meat of this restaurant have been winning the hearts and have won many culinary awards.


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