Portugal Visa Information And Fees Details

Portugal visa information and Portugal visa fees details vary from state to state depending on the currency and nationality. To enter Portugal one should Apply For Visitor Visa prior visiting the country. It provides right of entry to another country, subject to satisfying immigration authorities at the point of entry.

To apply for a visa, Portugal Visa Application Form can be obtained from the country’s consulate or embassy and should be completed carefully and signed. One passport sized photo with white background is required. Valid passport for minimum 6 months and few blank pages to affix the visa. Some countries may ask for proof of holding sufficient funds (copy of bank statement, preferably from 6 months) for the length of stay and also the proof of prepaid onward travel. Check the application form for details of how long the procedure will take. Travelers should apply well in advance of the planned travel date because visas can take several weeks, even months to be issued. One should hold all the necessary documents with them at the time of appointment. You need to appear personally. Some visa embassy might require additional documents, to check the information provided by you is genuine or not.

Once a visa has been issued, then entry into the country should be granted. The final decision regarding entry into any country remains with the immigration officials at the entry point. Check for visa regulations before any tickets are purchased and should apply for visas as far in advance as possible.

Types Of Portugal Visa:

  • Short Term Visa (Three Months)
  • Long Term Visa (valid In Country Of Issue Only)
  • Transit Visaz
  • Airport Transit Visa

Portugal Visa Fees depend on the duration of stay. You can get the fees details from your country’s embassy. Visa fees also differ for children from (6-12 years). Apply Online Portugal Visa through internet now easily and get Portugal Visa Online Application Forms from your home.