MEO Sudoeste is calling music lovers! MEO festival august 2019!

Does your Heart beats faster for the Rhythm!  Do you crave for music even while running quick errands in your daily life! Congratulations – You are an official music enthusiast!

Now, do you like to travel as well? Pack your bags and plan to head to Zambujeira de Mar in Portugal! This Coastal village in Odemira town hosts the biggest music event of Portugal – MEO Festival do sudoeste or the MEO Festival of Southwest! The requirement – Portugal Schengen Visa!


With the sponsorship from Telecom giant MEO, this music festival salutes almost all of the Genres of Music! Be it DJ, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Rap or Indie – you name it and the MEO festival has it! And this is a proven fact since 1997, the year of beginning of this festival!

MEO Sudoeste has made its mark in the music events history with its 32 years of solid existence! In these 32 years, The MEO festival has successfully gained the title of one of the top Rock festivals of Europe!

A total of five crazy days and three enormous stages – What else a music maniac needs? Yes, you got it right!

A single four 4 night ticket could get you witness these stages with the perks of free camping!

Let us quickly check the stages types:

1)      Main Stage  (Palco TMN) with DJ , Pop & Rock
2)      Second Stage ( MundoPalco) with Hip hop and Funk styles
3)      Third Page ( Palco positive vibes) – exclusively for Reggae lovers


Along with Music, the moment your taste buds crave for local delicacies, you can easily hop over the free shuttle facility to Zambujeira do Mar! If you are with likeminded people, you may also enjoy a little beach time there!

MEO Festival 2019 will begin on 7th of August this year and will host the following Aces of the music industry during the next five days:

1)      American Rapper Post Malone
2)      Brazilian Beauty Anitta
3)      Grammy Award Winner Steve Aoki
4)      Portugal Chart topper Blaya
5)      British Synth-Pop Band Years & Years
6)      Musical Trio Melim
7)      Jukebox Champions The BLKBRDS
8)      British Music Sensation Rita Ora

The list is long! Mi Casa, Chongkwong, MDO, Victor Kely, wet bed gang and many more!

The Vividness of Music MEO festival offers cannot be explained in words! You have to be present there to be on Cloud nine! Just ensure you have your Portugal Visa ready!

How to Get to MEO Sudoeste? Simple! Get to Lisbon by Train or by Plane! Board the direct Rede Nacional de Expressos bus to the festival!

And if you are a Music Maniac, that should be the one of the two things to worry for! The other being a valid Portugal Schengen Visa!

MEO Festival is calling you! Be Wild, Beat the heat and Live the Beat this summer!