Lisbon Oceanarium

Europe’s largest indoor aquarium, Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. The Lisbon Oceanarium is the home to around 450 species of marine animals including sharks, rays, seahorses, starfishes, jellyfish, penguins, chimaeras, sea urchins, eels, cnidarian etc. Located in Parque das Nações district of Lisbon, this octogenarian is one of the top tourist attractions in Lisbon, Portugal because of its design.Lisbon Oceanarium

The octogenarian of Lisbon is divided into four massive tanks which represent different oceanic habitats with respective flora and fauna. The oceanic ecosystems of the four tanks are The Tropical Indian Coral Reefs, North Atlantic Rocky Coast, The Antarctic Coast Line and The Temperate Pacific kelp forests. There is also an enormous central tank separated by acrylic glass wall from the rest of the four tanks leaving the impression of one massive tank for the viewers. At the first floor there are additional 25 aquariums with their own habitats’ characteristics and themes. The Lisbon aquarium is one of the very few sanatoriums in the world which have Ocean Sunfish as there are unique requirements to house them and take care of them.

Apart from this, Lisbon Oceanarium offers various educational programmers and tools giving insight into various subjects like Oceans, Life and Nature Sciences, Earth, Mathematics and Nature Conservation etc. These programmers are designed to suit the curricular requirements and offer a closer bond and look at the oceans. Various workshops and training sessions for the educators are also organized in order to provide them ocean literacy and the tools to draw the attention of students towards the importance of oceans and nature. The timings of aquarium are from 10 am to 6 pm in winters and 10 am to 7 pm in the summers. And if you want to visit around, then explore Vasco da Gama Bridge which is 17 Km long and is one of the world’s longest bridges.

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