Head Off To Portugal – An Old Yet Modern Place

Portugal is a less populated country that boasts of historical places. It is in the Iberian island at the southern tip of Europe and Spain. It is geographically isolated from its neighboring places. It is also called as land of romance. The calm beaches, medieval castles, remotely villages, landscapes, old traditions make this place unique from others. It captures the beauty of coastal and golden sands. The country’s lively capital is Lisbon is a hip and vibrant place to explore. It has many cafes and bistros that serve food that can make you drool more. Planning a vacation to this iconic place becomes essential.

Portugal Tourist Attractions

Before heading for itinerary, a valid visa is a must. While applying for visa, Download Portugal Visa Application Form. Basically it has two types of visa:

  1. Short Stay Visa
  2. Long Stay Visa

Short Stay Visa:

People who prefer for a short visit in lesser duration can apply for this visa. Tourist who come to explore for some days or Transit Visa which lasts for some hours within the airport lounge or in the city. Business people who frequently get to visit for their opportunities can also Get Portugal Tourist Visa.

Long Stay Visa:

People who make a long stay of more than 30 days can apply this visa. They are counted for temporary stay visa or work or study visa. Those who come for work search and want to stay for longer duration. Multiple entries within this period are permissible.

Visit Visa For Portugal From UK, the visitor may not require completing the formalities if it is for 90 days. Visitors need not get Portugal Schengen Visa unless it’s for short stay. If exceeding beyond the duration of 3 months, this is the procedure you need to follow for Portugal Visa Processing. It becomes hectic to get a direct service. So applying online is a good option. It becomes hassle free and doesn’t consume time.

  1. After downloading the form online, complete the details with authentic information.
  2. One passport size photograph
  3. Passport and its copies
  4. Make sure to check two empty pages of your passport.
  5. Validity of three months before departure
  6. Documents like birth certificate, etc.
  7. Photocopy of the completed form on submitting
  8. Business related documents
  9. Health insurance documents(if any)
  10. Those coming from infected area (countries) need to get vaccination.
  11. Return ticket booking (although it is not mandatory but it is advisable to get booked in advance). Schengen area citizens may not possess a return ticket.
  12. Validity of passport for six months so that your departure becomes easy.
  13. Portugal Visit Visa Fees to be paid along while submitting the form.
  14. And Schengen Visa Appointment Booking for submitting the form at the office.

These are the set of rules included for Portugal Schengen Visa work.