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I found the Portugal Visa company from a friend of mine. They provided a quick and prompt service within 3 working days. -Mr. Robin crews (London)

Portugal Tourist Visa

In order to Apply For Portugal Visa you have to visit Portugal visa center in person and submit your application form and documents .You need to provide list of documents in the order as they appear below.

General Documents List :

1. Passport containing the UK residence permit/visa in, both valid for at least 3 months beyond your trip. If your UK visa is stamped in the old passport please provide both old and new passports.

2. Photo: 1 passport-size color photograph on WHITE/OFF WHITE/GREY/LIGHT background.

3. Application Form For Each Applicant. Download Here

4. Transportation Confirmation- A confirmation/reservation return ticket to Portugal  (plane, ferry, bus, etc.)

5. Accommodation Proof: Confirmed hotel booking, internet print-outs are accepted.

  • If Accommodation Provided By Friends/Family: Letter from the host; copy of the host’s passport; copy of utility bill with the address in Portugal.
  • Renting A Villa: Letter from the company confirming rent. Or letter from the villa’s owner; copy of the host’s passport and a copy of a utility bill with the address in Portugal. All scanned and emailed copies are accepted.

6. Travel Insurance stating name area and expenses covered. Annual travel insurance is recommended for you.

7. Bank Statement For 3 Months (Original)  If you do not have bank statement or balance is not good or overdraft than you have to submit original EURO travelers cheques £60 per day of stay (per person).

Specific Document List :

1. If Employed: Letter from Employer (no older than 1 month before the date of application) on headed paper. Must confirm you are employed by that company and your job title.

2. Unemployed: If you are not working and supported by a spouse, spouse’s employment letter (as P.I), spouse’s bank statement (as P F); original spouse’s passport and original marriage certificate. If not in English it must be translated and stamped by respective embassies.

3. Students: Letter from College/University on letterhead confirming attendance. Letter must be not older than 1 month; stating your course and dates of graduation.

4. Self-Employed: Letter should not be older than 1 month on headed paper and should be provided by your accountant confirming you are self-employed, business name, annual income and type of business.

5. Business/Conference: If traveling for the purpose of business/Conference Business you need to provide invitation stating your name, company name, and purpose of trip, dates and contacts of the inviting organization. If the company is in Portugal – fax is acceptable. If the company is in the UK (such as a conference organizer) then original postal letter is required. Emails are accepted.

6. For Minors (Below 18 Years)

  • Birth certificate original with copy
  • Parents original passport with copy
  • Parent’s authorization letter with both signatures. For single parent or divorced or others please contact us.

7. Spouse of British National / EU National Category- Spouse’s original UK/EU passport and original marriage certificate. If not in English/Portuguese must be officially translated and stamped by the respective consulate or Foreign Office in UK.