Paris Gathers Culture, Art And Entertainment

Paris is the political and intellectual capital of France, with more than ten million inhabitants. Paris has your own charm by the architecture and beauty, the magic of the Champs Élysées and the excellent coffees and cuisine.

Paris Culture

France is one the most desired destinations in the world. Each year, many Tourists Visit France; others go to France and live permanently in France. The first step is getting a France Visa to enter in the country.

If you want to work and live in France, you need a work permit first and a valid passport. If you marry in France, you will get French Citizenship Visa. Another way of entering France is with a Student Visa that qualifies you to Study In France.

Living in France has been costly particularly in Paris. You can find houses for sale in France in websites, channels and newspapers. Nowadays, have a lot of investors who investing money in properties for sale in French market. The French property can be considered a great investment for a long time.

The currency is EURO, it’s important you check the exchange rate before you thinking in a new investment. ATMs are the best option they accept a wide number of credit cards and banks.

To know more the city and the properties available the city is connected with most of neighborhoods by an efficient network of public transport formed by trains that connect the suburbs (RER), subway and bus. Ten tickets costs (€ 12.50) it’s a practical option for those who are will make few trips. The Paris Visit card is also useful for short periods and unlimited travel, besides offering discounts on some attractions.

Regarding prices, the city does not exactly have a low season, with values always a little bit expensive. Booking in advance is a good option for discounts.

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